Saturday, April 20, 2013

Live for the Western Lifestyle

My sister asked me today why I wasn't horse crazy when I was little but I am now. I told her I'm not horse crazy now either I just like horses. I've been thinkin' all day since then what it is that makes me loves horses so much if I'm not the little girl who knew everything about horses.

I finally figured it out. I'm not obsessed with the horses, I'm obsessed with the western lifestyle. I'm obsessed with followin' the boys around the farm, huggin' the horse's neck, and watchin' the sunset to starry sky. I'm not just "obsessed" with horses but I'm obsessed with the lifestyle of western living.

Starry Midnight Skies

source: Tyler Nordgren

Farm Girl who follows her daddy and brothers around.

source: a South Dakota family blog
No that isn't me, sometime I'll dig out photos of myself when I was little.

Huggin' my horse's neck. (Or horse whisperin').

I don't live for just horses, I live for the western lifestyle.

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