Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wenya y Yoeli Conversations

I bet you wonder what life Wenya and Yoeli live...we are a strange pair of high school girls. So I thought maybe I'd share a couple little helpings of our conversations via text.

"That darn hippo! :) He must have been feelin' his wheaties :)" - Yoeli

"As long as the barn is full. My boots are always on my feet, with a saddle over my shoulder, and hay in my hair at the end of the day :)" - Yoeli
"Haha oh I love you so much :) -ILoveCowboys-" -Wenya

"You don't look like a nerd, your country breed, darlin' -ILoveCowboys-" - Wenya      
"Thank ya ma'am. So are you :)" - Yoeli

"I know there isn't hardly enough country land for this wild girl here...I WILL NOT BE TAMED!" - Yoeli
"She's a mustang. Heartbeat of the heartland. -ILoveCowboys-" -Wenya            
"Absolutely!!! :) I LOVE that song...Could ya tell :)" - Yoeli                                            
"Oh I know you do...we have brain melts 'member? :)" - Wenya

"I kicked that feeling in the butt when I wore my boots :)" - Yoeli

"What type of democracy is this? :)" - Yoeli                                                                    
"Wenya and Yoeli top -ILoveCowboys-" - Wenya                                                            
"Yes we should be on top :)" - Yoeli

Welcome to the life of Wenya and Yoeli.

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