Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Country Music is Monday through Friday..."

When Gary Allan was in an interview with Taste of Country the interviewer stated, "You've been as good as anyone at bearing your soul and throwing your entire self into a song".
"Thanks, to me that what country music is. Country music is Monday through Friday, and pop's about what happens on the weekends"                                                                                    - Gary Allan
Country music is life. Some people don't believe that country music is real life, but I believe it is.
  • Girls can be good girls but want bad boys like Carrie Underwood's song 'Good Girl'. 
  • You can feel like your drowning in pain and it never stops just in time for you to have a chance at lovin' life again like Gary Allan's song 'Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)'. 

  • You can take your girl to the beach, sit by the bonfire, or enjoy a summer night with Jake Owen's 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night'. 
  • You dance with your daddy on your wedding night to LoCash Cowboy's 'Keep in Mind'. 
  • You think of your brother, sister, or best friend who died some way or somehow, and the only way you know how to remember them is drivin' their truck while listenin' to Lee Brice's 'I Drive Your Truck'. 
There are just some of many examples in country music. Now back to exams...ehhh...

The songs in the examples above

Carrie Underwood's Good Girl

Gary Allan's Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)

Jake Owen's Barefoot Blue Jean Night

LoCash Cowboys' Keep in Mind

Lee Brice's I Drive Your Truck

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