Sunday, October 21, 2012

Western Wear 101: Cavender's Dresses with Cowboy Boots

Here you have the third post on Western Wear 101. If that title doesn't make sense to you then I will explain. This is a portfolio of 11 of the 95 dresses off of with a pair of cowboy boots (found on or that I find would compliment the dress.

1. Lavender's Laugh
Flying Tomato® has picked a color that you can now wear if you don't want to wear pink, red, or purple but something kind of with the three colors together. So if you love burgundy, here is the dress for you. I couldn't find burgundy cowboy boots but any pair of cowboy boots that are brown would be good with this.

Flying Tomato® Burgundy Eyelet
w/ Brown Belt Cap Sleeve

Justin® Square Toe Gypsy Collection
Brown w/ Purple Top
2. Teal in Autumn
You hate fall clothes shopping because the only colors you ever see are orange, brown, and more harvesty colors you just can't stand. Well then this dress is for you. Your still in the fall orange theme but it's rust colored with what better color than teal, teal the summer color. These cowboy boots you will find are a solid brown but have a fabulous array of thread colors in the stitching, to go with more than just this dress.

Flying Tomato® Rust w/ Teal
Embroidery 3/4 Sleeves

Justin® Gypsy Collection Brown Pearl Print Cowhide Round Toe

3. Lacy
Lacy is the big trend in women's fashion lately. So why not just be trendy and country all at the same time in this cute fall dress. The cowboy boots give your dress the extra "I'm country" it needs to pull it together.

2Tee Couture® Black Glitzy Lace Long Sleeve

Justin Short Calfskin Cowgirl Boots - Pointed Toe

4. Pocket Full of Sunshine
If your not ready to let go of summer yet, why not just wear this cute yellow halter dress with some pink prints in it. And yes you did see those cowboy boots earlier, I know you just scrolled up to make sure you weren't going insane. As I said before these cowboy boots have multicolored thread so you can match them with lots of clothes...especially dresses.

Jealous Tomato® Yellow Maltese w/Pink
Print Accordion Halter Dress

Justin® Gypsy Collection Brown Pearl
Print Cowhide Round Toe Boots

5. Gypsy Soul
Your the broom skirts kind of girl and you can't stand the cold. (P.S. I hate the cold too, you should see me walk outside after being inside for 5 hours.) So you want the broom skirt but you also love gypsy styled clothes, well done deal! All you need is a belt, a long necklace, and a pair of cowboy boots...outfit complete. These cowboy boots I picked especially for this dress, because of their unique harnesses that add character to the outfit. 

Rancho Estancia® Brown and Black
Leopard Ruffle Chiffon Skirt/Dress

Justin® Gypsy Black Crazy Horse
Harness Square Toe Western Boots

6. Smiling Sunshine
Your not the average cowgirl, you love summer with such a passion you more than likely live in Texas close to the Mexico border where you can pull off wearin' a dress pretty much year round without being too cold if your tough enough. Well Miss Sunshine just keep it yellow and you will be good. These cowboy boots aren't the exact yellow of the dress but they are yellow, and who as a student actually makes enough to have 20 pairs of cowboy boots in the shade of yellow? Not me.

Flying Tomato® Ladies Yellow Floral Ruffle
High Low Tube Strapless Dress

Nocona® Desert Willow Crackled Cowgirl Boots - Snip Toe

7. Gypsy
You can't ever pick a pattern you like in a dress. Okay, so why not just take all your favorite patterns and put them in one dress. This is dress is one of these most unique I've ever placed with cowboy boots but hey it's a gorgeous dress. The boots are unique in color choice, and I think I was just lucky to find that they match part of the dresses patterns.

Pink Cattlelac® Ladies Multi Mixed Print
 Spaghetti Strap Dress

Dan Post Blue Bird Wingtip
Cowgirl Boots - Snip Toe

8. Spanish America
Spanish styled dresses. You just love Spanish dresses. But you can't ever find any you like. Now stop lookin' and just buy it. This dress is the closest think your gonna find, plus it's red...I love red! These boots kind of just screamed at me "put me with the Spanish dress"! So I did.

Flying Tomato® Ladies Red Ruffle Top
with Floral Embroidery

Old Gringo Sora Cowgirl Boot - Pointed Toe

9. Wrangler Beauty
You love your Booty Up Wrangler Jeans and hate wearin' a dress because it makes you look like a girl. Well why don't you just take your favorite brand of jeans and find a dress in the same brand? Don't worry I already did it for you. No need to thank me. Honestly I'm still kind of unsure about these cowboy boots but they are unique, they got the harness idea going on with it being removable too.

Wrangler® Ladies Turquoise, Brown and
 Pink Print Hi-Lo Sheer Skirt

Supple pigskin cowboy boots

10. Denim and Cream
You just still love your Wrangler jeans too much to not wear them...fine be that way. So here you can take your favorite denim jeans and just put that in place of a dress with a little bit of a lace skirt. I don't know about you but I love stars so when I finally found stars on a pair of cowboy boots they ended up with this Wrangler dress.

Wrangler® Ladies Denim w/ Cream Lace Tiered
Ruffle Skirt Long Sleeve Dress

Roper® Ladies Black w/ Natural Stars & Stones
Pointed Toe Western Fashion Boots

11. Blue Denim
And this last one takes your entire passion for Wrangler jeans and makes the entire dress denim. So know you can really stop complaining and just wear the dress, darlin'. With this dress I placed a pair of brown Ariats, I don't think their is much to say about them their Ariats.

Boom Boom Jeans® Ladies Denim Strapless
Belted Layered Dress

Ariat Reina Leather Overlay Cowgirl Boots - Snip Toe

Hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I had putting it together!

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