Tuesday, November 6, 2012

TV Talk: First Look at Once Upon a Time

I'll just have you know I don't even know what I'm gonna write about but yet this is still open...

(12 minutes later)

So I couldn't think of anything except for TV shows...Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Longmire, Americans Hoggers, Castle, Storage Wars...

I think my life is slightly dominated by TV...

So now to pick a TV show to talk about. Oh bother, this is difficult. Doctor Who has like 7 seasons. Once Upon a Time has 2 seasons and I've actually seen them all. Longmire has 1 season and only runs in the summer. Americans Hoggers, nah. Castle haven't seen near all of them. Storage Wars what

would I talk about? So let's see Doctor Who or Once Upon a Time? Ehhh ummm hmmm....well I probably know more about Once Upon a Time than Doctor Who so we shall talk about Once Upon a Time on this TV talk post!

I'll have you know Once Upon a Time I've watched from the beginning I'm not a jump in on this show unlike most of those I watch. (I just remembered I watch Nashville, Reba, and Malibu Country too just forgot to mention them above.) Well a little background on Once Upon a Time if you haven't seen it or just like reading about your favorite TV show.

P.S. This may be a major spoiler if you haven't seen the show and plan on watching it.

From "Fairy Tales" to Storybrooke, Maine
Emma Swan lives a troubled life and most of the time not feeling like she belongs. Well she doesn't really belong, she comes from a land of what she thought was all only "Fairy Tales" stories and a fantasy. (If that doesn't make sense all those stories you once heard as fairy tales...they are real.) Emma is the Savior, the daughter of a King but she doesn't believe that 'til the last episode of season 1. Now you may ask why is this section called "Fairy Tales" to Storybrooke, Maine well a Evil Queen ripped everything every fairy tale character once loved and placed them in Storybrooke, Maine where she is the only one who knows what happened and who each person truly is (she thinks anyway). So if you haven't figured it out...the main drive is to get everyone back to "Fairy Tale" land.

The People of "Fairy Tales"    
This is gonna be a little lengthy and an extreme spoiler if you haven't seen the show and plan on watching it...so GO AWAY IF THAT IS YOU!

Emma Swan

Baby Emma

Henry Mills (Emma Swan's son)

Regina Mills

Evil Queen

Mr. Gold


Mary Margaret Blanchard

Snow White

David Nolan

Prince Charming


Red Riding Hood

Archie Hopper

Jiminy Cricket

August W. Booth


Granny (Ruby's Grandmother)






Mother Superior

Blue Fairy

Sheriff Graham

The Huntsman

Sidney Glass


Dr. Whale

Dr. Whale

Kathryn Nolan


Albert Spencer

King George


The Mad Hatter

Henry Mills (Regina's Father)

Henry Mills (Regina's Father)



Sean Herman

Prince Thomas

Ashley Boyd


Maleficent (trapped as dragon in Storybrooke)


Baelfire (unknown to who he is at this moment)



Characters Only in "Fairy Tale Land" at this moment...


Princess Aurora


Captain Hook

Died in "Fairy Tale" land

King Leopold

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