Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snowy Life

Howdy to all of you! This is Yoeli speaking again, and I just figured that I would let you all know that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... Yet :) I have had a real bad case of writers block, and just business in general. But with some prodding from Wenya, I am back :) I am going to try and write a little bit more often, but I can't promise anything :) Not much has happened in my life, but my cat did have another litter of kitties. We are all in one of my favorite seasons right now too. I can't say that I like driving in the snow, but it sure is pretty. I just like most everything about winter. The colder weather, the snow, and all the Christmas festivities. Okay, I will share a few pictures with the rest of you before I say "Adios".

This is just a picture of a horse in snow. I'm just sharing
this because I love both horses and snow. 

This is just something for a
little comic relief :) 

This is a picture of my three kittens.
From left to right their names are Bluie, Si, and
Baguera (like the panther from the Jungle Book). 

Well I think that that is about it for now, and hopefully I will add something else new in short time.

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