Saturday, November 10, 2012


If you don't know yet you shall know now...I love Coffee, as does Yoeli. We are beyond similar and no were aren't sisters we are cousins.

So someday when the two of us get to college, yeah and we aren't even to college yet. Gasp! I would put money down that we will have one of these.

This happens to be the Keurig Special Edition
averaging at $145 typically I'd say
don't take my word on that one either darlin'.

Now you probably ask why I'd waste my time on a Keurig Coffee Maker likes this but this one is special! I'll shall show you why and how (through a youtube video).

Now you should have noticed those Coffee pods in the clip well those pods come in all flavors and all brands. So, in my case I'd be able to have cappuccino, coffee, straight black, and so forth. And if my mom was over she could have her apple cider or hot chocolate because she doesn't drink coffee. Pathetic I know. In other words I'm saying you can make anything as long as it comes in a pod for a Keurig.

See looky there what could you possible need beyond those brands and the flavors of all of them.

Oh and I think for pretty pretties I'll just have one of these because as a country cowgirl I do love bronze rust gold metal likish idea going on.

That there would look great in my kitchen...
the kitchen in my head anyway...

Oh and I have used one of these, and from experience I terribly love the thing so I'd go buy one if you live in a family with a mix of coffee, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and apple cider drinkers. Great thing to have around for the Holidays too all the folks in the family can be happy.

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