Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why I Wear a Ring

Great title, huh? That's probably why all y'all wanna read it? Well I hoped you wanted to read it because I wrote interesting, fascinating, and fun posts. I'm just teasin' y'all! Anyway, back to topic.

When I first started wearing it, lots of people gave me some awfully funny looks because I was way too young for a ring, a ring on the ring finder that is. But I liked it, I wanted it, I had to have it, and so I wore it right on my ring finger. (Not to mention I was only in eighth grade at this time.) And now y'all are looking at me awfully funny, if you could look at me, but you're looking at a screen with words. I'm done scaring y'all now. So it wasn't an engagement, wedding band, or anything like such. But I did wear a ring on my ring finger. Eighth graders aren't suppose to wear rings on that finger you may say but I will argue against that.

This ring I wear to this day. People get over the fact that I wear a ring on my ring finger after they know why I wear it. You can't really tell anymore why I wear by looking at it due to the fact of wear and tear, but it use to have one world elegantly stamped on it. Between two butterflies was the word "Purity".  "Purity" doesn't look the same as it may have back before it had been in the cookie dough, shower, cattle yard, horse mane, and shop.

My Purity Ring

I've thought about getting a new and nicer one but change my mind every time when I almost get one.

It may not look the same as it once did, but it's the only one for me. Just like my husband will be the only one for me.


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