Friday, March 28, 2014

Pins with the Pigs

"I can't find anything on my Pinterest account." Welcome to my life, sweetheart.
Organizing, I'm the organizing goddess. (Not in reality but wishfully thinking.) Friends comment about my Pinterest like "200+ boards, how do you find anything?", "She [Wenya] has the most Pinterest boards",  "I hate going to your pinterest". Well, I love the way I have my Pinterest, I can find everything when I need it. I have no regrets for having 200+ boards.

How to find your pins:

1. Search it. If you add thorough descriptions to your pins you will be able to find it. Search your pins by selecting "Just my Pins".

2. Classify it. I personally classify because at times I suck at descriptions. Put your boards into main large categories; for example Celebration, Craft, Decoration, Home, Kitchen, and Photography. Then you add sub-categories behind, so it ends up Kitchen: Pork.


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