Sunday, May 12, 2013

This is gonna be a very mixed post of information. So bare with me.

So today is Mother's Day so we ought to have a nice little something here. When I'm a momma someday that would be one of the world's greatest things to get from one of my little cowboys.

source: Montana Silversmiths Sugar Kisses Sculpture

Now we are going to discuss a slightly more serious matter, what we say on the internet. I know that the ideal thing to do when we're upset or angry is to complain on twitter or Facebook. But you do realize when you complain on the internet your not only complaining to the person's "fault" but also the rest of the world and all your friends/family. Do we honestly want to ruin someone else's day over our own? And we all say no. Then why do we do it? Because we think that we will drawn attention to ourselves and we will become more popular and badass (every girl wants a bad boy deep inside her heart). We women crave attention. That's just how it is. It's unfair that men have such simple lives and never have such problems but it's true we complain a lot as women.

So I want to challenge you, try to only say positive and uplifting things on the internet. If you have a serious matter that ought to be addressed don't publicly shout it out to the whole world talk to someone individually about. Let's be positive influence in people's lives not negative ones! Simple things like this can change everything.


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