Saturday, June 22, 2013

Defining the Cowgirls

So there is a girl on twitter who calls herself a cowgirl. She very well might be a cowgirl but her mind is slightly narrow. She hasn't broadened her world of all the types of cowgirls in this world. (THIS A STRICTLY OPINION OF WENYA POST, so that doesn't mean I'm right because I have been wrong so don't shoot me for it.) So in my opinion there are a various number of cowgirls in this world and I just thought I would share with you why they aren't all the same and not every cowgirl has to raise cattle. Don't tell my daddy I said that because I'm the cattleman's daughter...

Traditional Cowgirls

So how about we start with the traditional cowgirl. And every girl says, "Oh, that's me!" Actually no. It's not you unless you say, (calculating the years), you lived between 1862 and 1881. (That was when the west was settled and barbwire didn't exist. And don't test my history skills it's one of my best subjects.) Traditional cowboys and cowgirls I would consider to be....

Oliver Loving, known to be the first
to do a cattle drive, founder of the
Goodnight-Loving Trail

source: Oliver Loving

Charlie Goodnight, the other half
of the Goodnight-Loving Trail.

source: Charlie Goodnight

Wild Bill Hickok, the gambler (if you still don't
know do some Deadwood research)...

source: Wild Bill Hickok

There are many others I could give you but you may do that research on your own. If you love the wild west as much as I do, you will eat to your heart's contend. Some others you could throw in would be: Annie Oakley, the James brothers, the Youngers, Belle Star, Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, Bob Ford, and Connie Douglas Reeves (who is short 20 years of the era but has an amazing legacy).

Rodeo Cowgirls

Rodeo cowgirls are any cowgirls that do rodeo events which includes: bull riding, bronc riding, roping, barrel racing, rodeo trick riding, goat tying, breakaway, steer wrestling, pole bending, and any other ones I'm not remembering at this time. If you don't rodeo there is still something for you girls.

Little bit of ropin' and tyin' here.

source: Ropin' and Tyin'

Maggie Parker, well known female bull rider

source: Maggie Parker

This is one of my friends, she barrel races and pole

source: her

Ranch Cowgirls
Theses are the ranch wives, daughters, and bunk house gals that devote their lives to raisin' cattle on the ranch with the use of horses.

This is Adrian Buckaroogirl who if you didn't know
does ranch, she ain't just a singer.

Source: Adrian Buckaroogirl on Facebook

 Farm Cowgirl

These are those farmer's daughters, farmer's wives, and the country woman that are dominant in the Midwest and the Heartland for the most part. These woman devote their lives to cattle, horses, hogs, and pretty much whatever else they can get their hands on. They don't only raise cattle like the ranch cowgirls but they tend to have a broader spectrum of livestock. (Wenya and Yoeli happen to be Farm Cowgirls if you were curious.)

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