Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Real Me

So I'm suppose to be working on some Biblical Perspective's homework right now, but I'll just let you in on a little secret of mine I have to have a motivation or inspiration in order for me to get something done. And as you probably have figured it out I don't have any motivation or inspiration right now. So I just thought maybe I'll just tell you a little bit about myself. So where shall we start...

Most people see me as a bubbly, positive, filled with laughter, and always smile person. So just a glimpse of my life there for you I try super hard to have a positive outlook on life.

Bubbly and Laughter

Another thing about me is I'm opinionated. If I don't agree with you I'm gonna shot ya down from my hips and your gonna know in the end what I believe. I throughly enjoy arguments, kinda sad but true. If I can argue it there is a pretty good chance I'll win it, too. I stand my ground on what I believe is right and wrong, and people know it. "If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at" quote yeah doesn't apply to my life sorry, if I have something to say I'm gonna say it. I don't really have a shut up or off button.

Here you would have an example
of my way or no way...
in other words opinionated...this
is the right way. There was no way
I was gonna let that car be in the back
of the photos...

One of the things that matter most to me in life is my faith in Christ. If you don't have a faith in Christ what is your hope in life. Christ is my hope, salvation, and love. He is my past, present, and future. He dominates everything in my life.

My life verse Jeremiah 29:11 If God doesn't know my
plans my life isn't worth living because as humans
we are completely powerless.

Like Toby Keith's Bullets in the Gun line "Fire in eyes in her eyes, makes you come together like wild horses when they run.". I have a fire in my eyes too. But then also "Hell on heels..." somedays too. If someone pisses me, I feel rather arrogant at the moment, or just in a hurry and wrap in my own worries I get a fire in my eyes. Other times I get fire in my eyes would be when I get a rush of adrenaline. Adrenaline rush is one of my favorite feelings.

...I don't really have any photos that exemplify "fire
in my eyes" 

I'm country. But then I think ya'll should already know that...if you don't how on earth did you find Wenya and Yoeli's blog? Country from my cowboy boots to my down home roots. Country when country wasn't cool. Born and raised country, forever a cowgirl.

"Let there be Cowgirls" - Chris Cagle

Livestock is my life. You name it I probably raise it.

Baby Angel, Jack

Sweetheart, Sweetie Pie

Baby, Hollywood/Weed

(Chickens don't get terms of endearment)
They are quite a big larger now but they are way cute here.

Jamie, Hereford bull calf
Midnight Boy
And there you would have a glimpse of the real me. There is so much more but it would take me years to collect everything about myself. Now to maybe find some inspiration or motivation for Bible...

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