Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reasons to LOVE the color Black

Many people in this world associate black with emo, goth, and so forth but I believe that black was a made to be a color of grace, sophication, elegance, and professionalism. Alright those were a lot of high class words for a cowgirl but it's true. "Reasons to LOVE the colour Black" is a post about why black is important (, along with some random food for thought).

1. Black is a natural slimming color. Which most women already know which is why the little black dress is so famous.

2. Black is known as a sexy color, instant stunner. Which most women already know because we go back to the little black dress idea again. Gentlemen close your eyes and cover your ears for the next one.

3. Black hides stains, as well as period nicely. We all have that problem don't need to take any poll for that one.

4. Black will and can look good with every hair color. I haven't seen a hair color yet that black doesn't look good on, yes some skin tones isn't so fabulous by hair color not so much.

5. Black makes black 'n' white photos all the more stunning. If you don't like vintage and black 'n' white photos learn to like love them because Wenya does a lot.

6. Black makes incredibly gorgeous lace color for night wear, all those slips and whatever else there is. I have no knowledge in the department if you haven't noticed besides the fact of knowing the word lingerie and never remembering how to spell it (which I had to look up in the dictionary again).

7. Black makes a statement about who you are upon first glance. Black says "I know where I stand", "Grace and elegance is my middle name", and "don't mess with me I know people in high places".

8. Black is known to be a classy color. You say duh well slacks are black place slacks are black. If you wear black slacks why are they goth?

Now that you've read my nice little list don't think of black as goth again, ever. Black just suits some people because, well, it's a stunning, gorgeous, beautiful color just like the people that wear it. Most of those people are female though. Cowgirl precisely. So what I mean is go buy some black Wranglers...

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