Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Few" of my FAVORITE Things

This post translates to...(processing)...go buy Wenya appreciation gifts. Okay not really I just thought this would be a post some "gentlemen" (who are lacking gentlemen skills and knowledge should know about us cowgirls).

Things we LOVE

  • Smooth shaved legs against clean bed sheets.
  • The smell of my horse's neck on a summer day.
  • A cup of coffee (strong but not too strong a tad bit creamer and sugar never hurt for some).
  • Thoughts to write on at every hour of the day (which for this writer has happened to be at 3 in the morning at times).
  • Lying on the cold cement in the shop on a hot summer day.
  • Summer activities (tractor pulls, rodeos, baseball games). Note WARNING: not all women love these events, so don't assume and take them on a date there.
  • Only ever wearing mascara on typical days.
  • Wranglers and cowboy boots on a cowboy (especially the tall ones).
  • Small children in Wranglers and big belt buckles. (Boys learn to love children, most women do.)
  • White curls on top of a Hereford's head or black ones on a Angus' head.
  • The dog laying its head in your lap.

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