Thursday, August 8, 2013

"Smart" Apps

I have a "smart" phone not a smart phone because phones aren't smart only people can be smart. But since I have a "smart" phone I thought I'd share a few of my favorite apps with you.
P.S. All my apps I have gotten for free unless they came ready with my phone.
P.P.S. I have an motorola so sorry if you have a iPhone.


Minion Rush by GameLoft
It's like Temple Run I've been told,
but I don't play Temple Run so
I wouldn't know.

Free Flow by Big Ducks Games
Puzzle game with some connect
the dot going on.

4 pics 1 word
Works on your vocabulary and
recognition skills.


Instead of having all of those sticky
notes I have resorted to the
notebook app.

How else can I blog for ya'll on
the go? The downfall though is it
takes a while to sync with your
online blogger.

Google Drive
Just nice to have all of your
documents in the palm of your


Photography Tutorials
Quick on the spot information.

Recipes, clothes, home decor...
what more could a girl ask?

code for craft idea and buy central...
literally everything you should
have an account

Google Earth
If you ever are bored and feel
like flying around the world...
it does have practical use too,
I just can't think of any
right now.

One of the best free apps for learn
languages (Spanish, French, German,
Portuguese, Italian, and English).
Currently I'm using it for Spanish,
I can speak some Spanish but learning
never stops you know.


ColorNote Notepad Notes
It has a checklist and a notepad...
the checklist is the best part for
the grocery store and Walmart runs.

Kind of important to have
in this technology world. 

Has a stop watch and a timer.

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