Monday, December 3, 2012

Western Wear 101: Christmas Cowboy Boots

So Sheplers is having a sale on cowboy boots for Christmas for like the today and tomorrow. You know what would make your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, or sister really happy, if you got her not one but two pairs of cowboy boots! No, these don't cost $100 a piece they are on sale...for Christmas! So get to it! You have like today and tomorrow, and the sale is over. 

P.S. These would be a really great way to buy cowgirl boots for a wedding if you are planning one...$39.99 is cheaper than getting them at $100 or $79.99, in this case.

So I'm gonna rank these from my favorite to least favorite colors...don't take offense...

#1 I love red,...get over it, but I already have red
cowboy boots so I actually wouldn't buy
those actually. I probably would just 'cause
I love 'em if I were to buy them.

#2 I've always wanted an orange pair of cowboy
boots, and I don't have any of that color so I'd buy
those just sayin'.

#3 I hate it when they say for an music
performance you have to wear black shoes...
well if I had a black pair of cowboy boots
I wouldn't have to worry about that anymore.

#4 Turquoise, hehe :)

#5 Green...hehe...again :)

#6 I got brown snip toes already but it never
hurts to have more :)

#7 The problem with white cowboy boots
is I never know what I'd wear them with...
because if I'm wearin' a white sundress
I want to add a splash of color on my

#8 I don't really wear much purple, due to the
fact that lavender makes me look pale, so I
try hard to just avoid purple in general.

#9 I've never worn pink cowboy boots...
ever and I don't plain on startin' now...
I just really don't care for pink.

#10 If I won't wear pink now...I'm won't
wear hot pink either...I think we can
assume that one... 

So if your interested in buying these Old West cowboy boots at 50% off leaving the price at $39.99, then you better get started! Go Buy Old West Cowboy Boots on Sale Now! (please click the link prior)

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