Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Dig Two

Okay, the Band Perry has redeemed themselves in my eyes now. I love this song, but I always did prefer the cruel loves songs over the sweet ones.

Better Dig Two
by the Band Perry

"I told you on the day we wed, I was gonna love you 'til I's dead. Made you wait 'til our wedding night, that's the first and the last time I wear white. So, if the ties that bind ever do come loose. Tie them in a knot like a hangman's noose 'cause I'll go to Heaven or I'll go to hell before I'll see you with someone else. Put me in the ground. Put me six feet down. And let the stone say: Here lies the girl whose only crutch was loving a one man just a little too much". If you go before I do I'm gonna tell the gravedigger that he'd better dig two. Well it won't be whiskey. It won't be meth. It'd be your name on my last breath..."                       - The Band Perry

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