Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Western Wear 101: Rods.com Rings

I'm one of those cowgirls you'll find with some ring on one of her hands at all times, from goin' to church on Sunday mornin' all the way to fixin' the barbwire fence. (Speakin' of barbwire fence I was fixin' that the other day with Yoeli as she was here and the dang gate shocked me, it just wasn't my day.)

So rings. Yeah you think you hate wearin' rings but I'm sure we can fix you right up with a ring you would wear on your pretty cowgirl hand.

Kelly Herd Sterling Silver Camo Ring $299.95
Here would be for the girl who likes to hunt and needs
something durable to wear.

Stainless Steel Barbwire Wide Band $24.95
If your a little too cowgirl for camo then just were some
barbwire. "Tough" to those who don't approve.

Lg Crystal Cross Ring $15.00
If you like it big and blingy then
there yeah go. 

Black Hills Gold Filagree Horseshoe Ring $79.95
If you love horseback riding, snowmobiling, or just admiring
the Black Hills there ya go, except your gonna have
to like horseshoes to wear this. 

Black Hills Gold Ladies Leaf Band $92.95
Or maybe you like the Black Hills just not horseshoes...
Ladies Black Hills Gold Tricolor Band $94.95
Men's Black Hill Gold Tricolor Band $144.95
Or you still don't like any of the Black Hills one.
Do you like black on your rings?

Sterling Two Tone Band $34.95
If your simple and elegant all the same time we got it
covered for ya.

Horseshoe Ring $29.95
Or maybe you just need a horseshoe to remind you that
you have a big baby angel horse at home that loves ya. 

CZ Buckle Ring $19.95
Or your obsessed with your belt buckles, and need it
in another form of wear. 

Sterling Silver Horsehead Ring $29.95
Or you just like having horses on your rings. 

Sterling Silver Turquoise Stacking Rings $74.95
Or you just love western turquoise.

Hs Nail Heart Ring $60.00
Horseshoe nail and a splash of diamonds done!

Horseshoe Nail Solitaire Ring $34.95
Or you want two horseshoes together?

Multi Horseshoe Ring by Kelly Herd $139.95
Or you need lots of horseshoes?

Bagguette Round Cz Buckle Ring $94.95
Or you need more sparkles on your buckle ring?

Stainless Steel Barbwire Spinner Ring $24.95
Maybe your stuck in class and you need something to do
with your hands. Or you like black barbwire silhouettes.

Rod's Exclusive Double Rope Ring $59.95
You love your lasso or lariat?

Kelly Herd Pave Buckle Ring $149.95
A very blingy ring perhaps?
Well there should be something to your taste here, if not just visit the link Jewelry - Women's Accesories - Rings at Rods.com.

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