Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God's Country

This was on Adrain Buckaroogirl's, a singer who once rode broncs until she had to choose between singing and riding, Facebook page. I strongly believe every cowboy, cowgirl, country girl, country boy, farmer, farmer's wife, farm kid, hick, redneck, hillbilly, you name it loves where they live because they see God's country everyday without the interference of the city lights and the cars passing by.
I was asked today while in town if I struggled living an hour from the nearest paved road.
It's had me thinking all night about how truly blessed I am. I came home, had a campfire under a billion stars, cooked dinner over the coals, sang a few songs for only the cows at the fence line, and knew I had a gun, a dog and a few horses nearby if I needed them. Do I mind living where I do and how I do?

The only way I would mind, is if you took this beautiful, free life away from me.
Today, a man was laid to rest who fought for me to live this life I am so privileged to have.
 I hope none of us forget the sacrifice and lives that are given, for us to live our dreams and to be free.
No matter what you political views are, be thankful for those who have given all for our freedom. They deserve our respect, love, and support.
God bless the USA, and those who fight for our freedom.
- Adrian <3

Adrian Buckaroogirl
California Cowgirl
Singer and Bronc Rider 
Adrian Buckaroogirl

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