Sunday, August 4, 2013

10 Randoms Things You Didn't Know

Wenya and Yoeli are an odd two, just thought you should know (if you didn't already).

1. Wenya and Yoeli have an obsession with the length of their hair. Yoeli likes her hair at her butt. Wenya likes her hair right between her mid back and Wranglers. Both Wenya and Yoeli's don't have their hair at their desired lengths...

2. Yoeli has read 32 books since she got out of school in June...that's a lot of books...

3. Wenya doesn't like waking up in the morning at all, ever. She only ever wears mascara for makeup because of lack of time. And that doesn't bother her at all.

4. Wenya and Yoeli spend 80% of their summer (June - August) together, literally.

5. Wenya likes her hair curly and Yoeli likes her hair straight. And Yoeli was blessed with pencil straight hair, so she doesn't own a straightener.

6. Wenya likes gardens but hates weeding.

7. Yoeli drinks coffee every morning, summer included. Wenya only drinks coffee on cold or school mornings.

8. Wenya would rather sweat than be cold. So Wenya doesn't like Heartland winters. And Yoeli just doesn't care either way.

9. Yoeli doesn't like hoop or dangly earrings.

10. Wenya and Yoeli are Nascar fans. Matt Kenseth to be precise, too bad he doesn't drive a Ford anymore...

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