Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Change of Heart and Attitude

I've recently come to the conclusion that there's some things about myself that are absolutely down right awful. You might consider it as being too hard on myself, but I'm trying my very best to be a woman of God. I don't just want to just be a classy good hearted cowgirl, I want to use all the potential God put in me to be the best version of myself I possible can before I have twenty years on my bad habits. (Don't worry those bad habits aren't alcohol, smoking, and drugs.)

  • Mental use of profanity and vulgar words. Everybody uses them it seems these days, but is that okay? Is it okay to just throw around vulgar words that describe something beautiful between a man and a woman? Every person on this earth came from that beautiful thing called sex, if you didn't know. I'm challenging myself to look up the true meaning of the words I throw around in my mind (and sometimes on my lips) to see if they are degrading. If they are degrading they are leaving this mind of mine.
  • Unapproachable attitude. Sometimes I live on this high horse called "I'm unapproachable and too good for you". Tell me, how can be a servant leader and unapproachable at the same time? Not very well. I've realized everyone has crappy days and just because you're "too good" doesn't mean you don't have those and can't relate. I'm challenging myself to smile more at strangers, be approachable, and tell people I have problems too. Because let's face it we're not perfect in a problem free world, we need people to lean on. 
  • Vain. I have such a huge problem with vanity, you have no idea! In this world of the Barbie model I've (we've; I'm not the only one) become so obsessed with the idea of having a smaller waist, bigger hips, an acne free face, perfect soft hair, long luxurious legs, and being the woman every man wishes he was dating (please don't take that as I dress like a slut) that I've ruined the way I look at the beauty that's already here. If I have to change my body because I want EVERY man to love me I obviously have a problem. If you're going to change your body make it for that one man because he deserves it and be modest about it in public. Don't do it so all these men worship your body. Ladies, let's be real, men have a serious problem when it comes to a woman's body. They have enough of that problem at the pool already, so let's tone down some on the plunging cuts and upper cutting slits outside of the pool. I'm challenging myself to think about the way I dress my body because this body isn't a toy that can be throw around in minds (and beds for that matter). 

You probably don't have all the same problems as myself but take a good hard look at yourself the rest of this week, see what lies inside you that could use adjustments.


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