Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Strong Desire

On this class block morning I'm working on everything I shouldn't be, mostly because I don't feel like working on more pressing things. Like I should be working on studying for my college statistics test today, the final draft of my composition paper due tomorrow, or writing my theology paper. But it's quite obvious to all of you reading this that I'm not working on any of those things.

The last three months of my life I've been questioning every decision I've made about my future. If you don't know me well enough from this blog - I'm the girl with a million flairs. Flairs are a special or instinctive ability for doing something well. If you're questioning my proof, my mom on her Winter Blahs card (she sends our Christmas Card in January) wrote that it would be interesting to see where the Lord leads her. Stating that I don't know what to do with my life because I can't decide what I'll
never get bored of and have a million skills to decide from. Bored is the major problem here - mostly because I need variety, so an office secretary or a portrait photographer would never go in my life.

Deep down inside of me I have this strong desire to make a difference in agriculture. Most people know the career they want to work in while I just know I want to work with the people of agriculture. The agriculture life has been a part of me since the day I was born. I've toyed with tons of different ideas like rodeo photographer, AG journalist, raising cattle, breeding horses, owning a western clothing store, writing stories for kids, designing western homes, owning an art studio, and a bunch of other careers. But I can't seem to stick with one idea for more than a couple months.

I'm going to make some suggestions to help you from my past and present experiences:
1. Work your ass off in what you're best at and find what's most enjoyable for you to do.
2. If you're trying to decide on a college major do something that can go a lot of different places. For example I don't know what I wanna do but I'm double majoring in agriculture business and business because I figured I could do almost anything with that.
3. Pray. Pray a lot because God will guide you when you feel lost.


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