Saturday, October 27, 2012


Daddy, I want a horse.
Daddy, can I have a horse?
Daddy, will you buy the horse for me? 
Hey, daddy,...
I want a four wheel drive 
King Ranch Ford truck. 
Oh and, daddy, it has to have big tires and mud flaps, too.
Also, daddy, can you get all those other tough girl things
like a Cowgirl Up sticker?
Please, daddy? 
can you buy me another pair of cowboy boots?

Pretty please, daddy?
How 'bout a pretty red mama herdford, too?
can you buy me another big belt buckle?
I need to tell all the cowboys that I'm a cowgirl, 
and I can do anything they can do, if not better. 
I want a cowboy, daddy.
A cowboy that loves me just like you love me, daddy.
Daddy, I know I want a lot of things,
but more than anything else in the world
I just want your approval.
Approval of my country life.
I want you to love me through it all, daddy.
Love me through my passions 
for livestock, country music, art, cowboy boots, and laughter.   
More than any of these things thought, daddy,
I want you to walk me down the aisle someday
to that cowboy that loves me like you do.
keep in mind that I love you,
and I don't ever forget the small things you do for me
because they matter.
I love the horse you bought me, daddy.
I love cowboy boots you bought me, daddy.
But none of that matters more than that I love you.
Daddy, I love you
and I will always be your little cowgirl.
I will always be your little redheaded cowgirl.
I love you, daddy.
Daddy, please keep being my fill in cowboy until the right ones comes along
because, daddy, I want you to approve of my cowboy.

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