Thursday, November 22, 2012

Real Life and Thankful

Real life is having your stallion want the hay scraps under the gate, when you leave it open, on a somewhat windy day, just to go over to the barn, not so far away, to get water for him. But on a windy day everything goes wrong, your horse nudges the gate open, takes a stroll down by the cattle feed bunks, the cattle scare him, and he takes off at the highest speed a horse will run. All during the time he is running around you yelling at yourself for being out of shape and consider going to the REC center, and how your entire future relies on that horse. Well my entire life doesn't really rely on my horse, but most days yes it does. Make sense? Of course it doesn't make sense, if your a city girl doesn't make sense. No offense but you whole mind has a different thought process then a country girl's does.

Real life is living 12 hours from your best friend all through the school year. All while you plan your escapes to Texas after graduating high school to go to school to be a female veterinarian and major in animal science. But it hurts like hell to be 12 hours away and never seeing each other for 6 month time

spans. With the only communication being that of texting and calling, due to the fact school controls your laptop so you can't get Skype. That right there, yep that, hurts.

Real life is stalking the cowboy you like, but him never seeing you. When in the end he will get married to that girl he has been dating the whole time you have been staring at him over the last year. When you try so hard to talk to him, but all you can do is fill your heart with butterflies and not make any sense at all. When most of the time he's always good lookin', and you finally decide that you must be ugly or something. But then you analyze your closet and don't understand what is not to love about you; 4 belt buckles, 2 pairs of wranglers, 2 pairs of cowgirl tuffs, 2 cowgirl belts, 6 cowgirl cut shirts, 2 pairs of cowboys boots, a cowboy hat, 3 denim jackets, and 2 sundresses. (And yes, I did just give you the listings of my western wear from my closet.) Or maybe it is that you have your own personal library filled full of books, magazines, catalogs, CDs, text books, and research files. But honestly a girl who reads books always has a better imagination then the girl who doesn't. Enough of that!

Real life is hurting, crying, pain, laughter, joy, compassion, kindness, caring, killing, dying, living, smiling, gentleness, and life will always be full of everything you can imagine (well except aliens and Doctor Who characters...).

So on this Thanksgiving I'm gonna be grateful for all the good I got out of my goodbyes. My goodbyes I went through, the goodbyes I'm going through, and the goodbyes still to come.

Carrie Underwood's Good in Goodbye

"As bad as it was, as bad as it hurt, I thank God I didn't get what I thought that I deserved. Sometimes life leades you down a different road, when you're holdin' on to someone that you gotta let go, someday you'll see the reason why, sometimes, sometimes there's good in goodbye." 
- Carrie Underwood, Good in Goodbye
Happy Thanksgiving! And be thankful for the things God didn't give you, because there is always a good in goodbye for the things he has given you.

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