Friday, November 16, 2012

I live in the wrong Era...

Most days, actually pretty much everyday, I wish I was back in the wild west. I wish so desperately that I could have seen it. I was born in the wrong Era of time, I swear.

I wish I could see those saloon doors swing when a tall tan devil-eyed cowboy walked through the doors with his spurs dragging on the floor boards.

John Wayne style of course

I wish I could have seen just one of the shoot outs with the six shooters down the middle of town where everyone runs and hides, but I wouldn't have hid I'd die to see that.

Who is the outlaw...

I wish I could have seen those cowboys...oh my goodness the world doesn't have enough for me to look at right now.

And let there be cowboys for every cowboy...

All I have to say is two words after that period. Saloon Girls.

Those aren't completely accurate but they are still saloon
Yeah, I live in the wrong decade...

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