Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Well if you haven't noticed, I'm sure you have though, we haven't blogged in quite awhile. High school cowgirls are busy what can we say? So just a little of an update.

We are planning on an upgrade and a fancy logo upgrade soonish. So if you feel like things are out of place, that would be why. So don't fret over it too much it will be over in the max of a week, we hope. Which includes:

  • A separate Western Wear 101 page, we still plain on having some in the main feed for all ya'll!
  • Logo/photo mark
  • Cowgirl photo series...as of currently we are trying to find a creative name for it
  • Wenya Bio - What is her favorite print? How many buckle buckles does she have? Yeah you know you want to know :)

  • Yoeli Bio - How long has she been horse crazy? Who is her favorite author? (Yes, she's a book worm, but so am I...) :)
  • Y más (and more)
Well that is kind of all I have for ya'll! 

P.S. Thanks to Adrian Buckaroogirl for all of the new blog followers! Visit her: Adrian Buckaroogirl on Facebook. She's a great person! Fun loving and all! Love her, and you should too!

source: Adrian Buckaroogirl's Facebook

If you haven't read the blog post God's Country you probably should it's an Adrian quote.

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