Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Things

This is kind of something I thought would be, I don't know, thoughtful and make you think I suppose. So here is two things I won't and don't search for on the internet for a good reason, but off the internet it depends. (If there is a good lookin' cowboy across the room I can't help myself. I make sure he has got Wranglers, pointed/snip toe boots, pearl snaps, the right cowboy hat, etc it's a habit...)

1. Photos of Cowboys (Hot guys)
It feels wrong to me, it's like looking at porn in my world. I already know what I want, and when I see what I want I think I'm going to know it. So therefore I don't need to look for that on the internet because that is the world of photoshop and unrealistic people, but now if you were to go to the rodeo or a sale barn that is where the non-photoshopped cowboys are at.

2. Wedding Rings
I don't want to be disappointed when my cowboy shows me a ring someday. If I don't look at rings I feel like I will love it even more. Sometimes I will look at jewelry stores in the mall but not long even that I know exactly what I want. All I know for sure is I want something simple.

On Pinterest I have this photo with these words inscribed
underneath in the caption, "Dear husband...notice this is
quite simple for today's age...I'm simple, I love simple...
so I don't need 10 diamonds to make me feel loved, I
felt loved the first day you held my hand."

Just to clarify, no I haven't met a cowboy that fits my taste and personality yet, but that's how I feel about the topic. Have a fantastic rest of the evening. Night, ya'll.

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