Saturday, October 26, 2013

100th Post

Yoeli and Wenya are sorry we haven't posted awhile, school is back in the swing. Meh. But we decided we should do something special for our one hundredth post, which happen to be while school was in full swing. So we finally decided on trying our skills at drawing out the states and labeling all of them. When we finally had executed this plan Wenya's scanner was too old for her laptop to recognize it. But just recently the laptop has been hacked around to finally recognizes the scanner so we can post this officially!

Rules of State It Round #1
  • You can't study a map before taking it
  • You have to have a blank outline of the United States of America (no states outlined, the entire United States outline only)
  • You are to draw in the states and label 'em
  • You get five minutes to do so

Rules of State It Round #2
  • Study a map for seven minutes before taking round two
  • Still only get a outline of the entire United States of America
  • You are to draw in the states and label 'em
  • We gave ourselves a hint and drew in West Virginia hoping to fix our dilemma of the east coast unsuccessful as you will see
  • You still only get five minutes

Introducing our awful east coast and southern skills...along with that dreaded hole...

Yes, Texas is awful. Yes, she suck at southern states. And yes, that blank
hole has some states she don't know about...
Texas has improved, but Idaho has gotten worse. The south has only
two states by Florida now in her world...There still is a blank hole.

California has grown quite a bite. South and the New England states
need some help. Where did that hole come from?
On the bright side Cali has improved, but hey check out Colorado. And
once again the south and New England states need some help. Hole...

So y'all already know that Wenya and Yoeli are both girls, so we decided to recruit a male member of the family to help us on this experiment, and we are going to call him Mr. Tall. So if we ever talk about Mr. Tall he is Wenya's brother, making him Yoeli's cousin. Duh. "Why are we calling him Mr. Tall?," you ask. Well Mr. Tall hasn't reached his full build yet and he is 6'4". Maybe we should could've called him Mr. Intimidation since he is build big and tall, but too late for that!

Check out that Michigan, California, and Texas! Mr. Tall has the same
missing hole as Wenya and Yoeli sensing a #trend?
On the bright side Michigan, California, and Texas have improved
quite a bite! But, we still have the same hole.

So to make things simple to understand don't send Wenya, Yoeli, or Mr. Tall to hole that #trended on our drawings without a map because we would end up lost. Not really end up lost because there are road signs but you get the idea...

-Wenya- & Yoeli

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