Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Success is a Sweet Bliss of a Gift

I know for a fact I'm not the only person in this world that has this problem, which is why I'm taking it to the blog. The poor blog has been neglected, and I'm going to take advantage of my mood to write...with the drawback of not doing homework? (I'd make this blog my only homework, not even gonna lie.)

You're probably all saying to yourselves, "You're ranting ma'am please get back on topic." Right! Topic let's see how shall I say this. So you know how you think to yourself, "If I quit doing this would anybody even miss me?" ("This" could be anything from a sport, job, hobby, theater, etc.) Yep, phases me all the time. For example, I do drama (not the girl drama, the theater drama), and I've wonder for the
longest time if I just said I'm not trying out for the musical if anybody would persuade me to tryout. Guess what I had two classmates who said they weren't trying out and guess what happened! You guessed it! The drama director talked to them! Do I feel like a failure? Yes, yes I do.

So tonight I asked my brother, "What am I good at?" He told me being a farm girl. That isn't what I wanted to hear at the moment, Mr. Tall. But! On the bright side, Mr. Tall telling me I'm good at being a farm girl just secures my choice of AgBusiness. Why would I choice AgBusiness? So I can be my husband's business partner, and know all the technical stuff he doesn't cover. Yes, I planned my children, wedding, and home on Pinterest, as well. Actually, just kidding, only my wedding and home…not the children. Take #2: I lied. I planned my children's names but that's about it for children planning.

I'm done ranting now. This post boils down to one point. And that's point IS YOU, for a change. That point goes like this, keep stumbling in the dark house and try to find the light switch. What I mean is keep trying to find who YOU are!
Keep finding what makes YOUR eyes light up!
Find what makes YOU want to life.
Find what makes YOU want to jump for joy.
Find what YOU couldn't ever live without!
Because if YOU can't find that, How will YOU ever be happy?

So maybe I wish with all my heart I could sing, dance, and act like her or him but I can do something they could only dream of. I can do more manual labor on a farm than most women, and I can still be classy! So, please! Please! Oh, please! Keep stumbling in that dark house you're in, where you don't know what you're good at! Find your Calling from God! God uses us in all ways; not just church, teaching, and being a parent because not all of us have those kind of skills. Take your skills and use them for God's praise!

Your small skills are the ones that people see opportunity in and end up
hiring you for or people motivate you keep doing what you're doing.
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You don't have to be rich to be happy or find your skill.
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We can't have people who only do the what everybody glorifies.
We need people to do the unnoticed things because they leave the
greatest impact on lives most of the time.
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