Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies, Steak, and Jalapeños

So it's not secret that I love food...and I like to bake chocolate chip cookies almost all day (not really but that's how long it takes). I have a post coming next week on how I can spend a day baking cookies later. So the times I do cook a meal for my daddy (he really likes those cowboy/farmer dinners/suppers, depending on how you grew up) and the rest of my family, I salvage through websites, blogs, my mama's recipe boxes, and my file box for new recipes because I love looking at food. And I'm not your tooth pick model figure, although, I'm skinny and tall (very tall, too tall to find jeans long enough for cowboy boots tall) so we don't eat vegetarian here, BEEF! I love me some Texas Roadhouse and grilled burgers.

So here are a few of my favorite places to scout out for recipes.
P.S. I love southern cooking. That's code for more jalapeños and peppers por favor y gracias!

Kimberly's Simply Southern
Some southern cookin'.

Pioneer Woman
Some cowboy cookin'.

Now if you are anything like me I would advice
to separate your food categories into different boards
for simplicity sake, that is if you have an account.
All wise you can just use it to browse.

Food Gawker
On Gawker you can't really make folders or boards like Pinterest,
but there is no duplicating of recipes unlike Pinterest which is very nice.

Tasty Kitchen
A great place for easy print and easy safe recipes.

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