Monday, August 12, 2013

If I wasn't so lady like...

One of Yoeli and I's most commonly used phrases this summer has been "If I wasn't so lady like...". Yoeli and I aren't really ladies, but yet we are...if that makes any sense? We were raised by a grandma everyone described as classy and elegant. Back when my daddy and Yoeli's mom were going to high school, one of my daddy's classmates called my grandma a fox, that's just how nice my grandma still looked at her age. (If you don't know what fox means, fox was code for hot back then.) So Yoeli and I have this mix between our Grandma's classy lady qualities and our country farm cowgirl qualities, which actually turns out incredibly well in a weird kind of way.

Anyways, back to the how to the "If I wasn't so lady like" thing. Somethings that will never change about Wenya and Yoeli is our reasons behind why we say if "I wasn't so lady like". You would have to get us in a remarkably "I'm gonna kill" state to make us do some un-lady like things.

A couple reasons we say "If I wasn't so lady like...":

  • My daddy told me one of the vets said something mean about my cowboy hat, and that I could punch him in the teeth. I told my daddy, "If I wasn't as lady like I would punch him". (P.S. I take great pride in my cowboy hats, so don't say it again I may actually punch you next time.) 
  • Yoeli the other day was complaining about the traffic in the big city and said, "Dang traffic...If not for some of the lady in me I would star cussing...I so sick of this". (That would be a cowgirl for you, hating traffic.) There are more, but I can't think of those right now...

There are a lot of things that aren't lady like, but we do them since our Grandma did them, too. Those things are of the farmer's wife kind of things, but our Grandma did them so, so do we. I won't go into more detail or else I will start ramblings. (Wenya and Yoeli are very good at rambling...unfortunately for our cowboy husbands someday.)


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