Saturday, December 7, 2013

On Our Knees

I had planned to blog about Lane Frost and more on Social Grace (see the last Social Grace post), but a new more pressing post idea came to mind when my sister asked me about the "City on Our Knees" song. My sister is the Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood girl, so pretty much like me, all country music. She asked my mom, "Do you know that "City on Our Knees" song?" My mom, being the non-contemporary Christian music momma, told her to ask her sister [Wenya]. I told her, "Oh, yeah I know that song. It's been out for awhile [since 2010]". So I pulled it up for her on youtube, and we listened to Billy Graham do some talking in the interludes. In the beginning while Graham was talking, she asked me if it started with "If you gotta start somewhere". I knew the answer was yes, but for some reason I told her I don't remember.

Anyway, this is for everyone who is ambitious, driven, and feeling lost about their faith.

City on Our Knees
by TobyMac

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