Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Be Inspired, "We're the West"

I don't know if we're the West, as the title of the post says, but we're a reflection of what the West was. Many men and women are reflections of it's former glory. I thought I might share with you three of my favorite women who are reflections of the West.

Elizabeth Brannan - She is the most inspiring woman I've ever met. Well I haven't met her, but it sure seems like I have through her blog. The best part about her in my opinion is that she never gives up.
Best beauty: her obsession with red lipstick and her very long blond hair.
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Mesa Pate - She is the most unwavering women I've ever seen. A woman working in the chutes raising bucking bulls, that's something that makes me dream harder. The best part of her is her passion for the rodeo world.
Best beauty: her hair in a braid and her dimpled laugh/smile.
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Adrian Brannan (Buckaroogirl) - Adrian is her artist name with 3 CDs. She is the woman who makes me believe that anything can happen especially when you start doing your dream young. She started singing at age 14 and rode broncs for some years before retiring because of her singing career. Mind you, she's only in her early twenties. The best part of Adrian is her view on life, she always seems to be happy and content with what the world has to offer.
Best beauty: her passion for vintage clothes and her laugh.
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Side Note:
I don't know if you have noticed but I'm trying to decided how frequently to blog per week. So far this week I've blogged everyday…I think. Okay, I just looked. Yep, I have blogged everyday this week. So whether I blog everyday, three times, or twice next week we will see. Hopefully I can get my head on straight and figure it out soon.


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