Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Happened When I Let it Go

I can't tell you the exact date that it happened, or week for a matter of fact. But, I call tell you the season it happened. Sometime in the summer of 2013 I decided I didn't care anymore. I'm not sure if it happened when I was in Austin, Texas or some other time. The prior school year I had cared so much if I had hurt someone's feelings from my opinions. I cared that I wasn't that hot girl every guy wished they were dating. I had wished I wasn't just in the 2nd quarter of the class, wanting so bad to be in the 1st quarter of the class intelligence. I was sick of my scores in classes that I tried so hard in, and still didn't get the grades I wanted. Needless to say I wanted something that wasn't me. I wanted to be a people pleaser, a Victoria Secret model, and a 4.0 student.

You can't be everything, and eventually I soon decided that I'm not everything. I have my talents, my
opinions, and my looks. My opinions are what make me who I am. My appearance makes me unique. My skills in certain classes are what I am. Who the heck actually cares what your GPA is if you are only book smart? I ain't the book smart chick, give me the cow or the canvas. Who actually wants to read books on how to calf a cow or paint water color? Not this girl.

I decided I wanted to let go:

  • Appearance - I don't need to look like a Victoria Secret model, because have you seen those women before photoshop? They are gorgeous already! If I'm going to look good, I'm not going to be a VS model. I'm going to be a fit women, who watches her diet, weight, fitness habit. I'm going to look good because my husband will deserve arm candy, not because I want to be an edited Victoria Secret model. I'm going to accept what I look like because I'm me, I don't want to be an edit or too skinny girl.

Left is unedited (paparazzi) ----- Right is edited (VS)
This is Candice Swanepoel, and yes, she is very gorgeous. But she's not
her in the Victoria Secret edit, she's changed. They edited her thighs
thinner, smoothed her skin perfectly, her arms thinner, and other
various things relating to her face. Nobody can look like the
edit of the VS everyday without some photoshop goggles on or
something like wise.
P.S. If you ever get the chance go to her site's about section. It's an
amazing the background she's came from.
  • Opinions - your opinions define you. You are your opinions. What you stand up for and believe in is your opinion. If you hold it in, your just being someone you're not. A great deal of people have become people pleasers because they want everybody to like them, but if you want to stand out, be unique, and be you then you need to state your opinions and stop holding them in. You can't really be you without any "enemies".
  • 4.0 GPA - I always wanted to be one of those super smart kids but I'm not that kind of gal. I can't be that kind of gal. It's not who I am. I have a mentor who told me, there are two different kind of people; those who have a 4.0 (or nearly) and those who can't get that score to save their life. Those people who aren't 4.0 (or nearly) are hands on, artists, and those who have minds to see beauty in something different. My ACT and GPA, nope I ain't your super smart gal (smart, but not super smart), but give me a cow, a horse, a pencil, or a box full of randomness. I'll give you something. I'll show you a whole new world of livestock full of care and gentleness. I'll write you something from the heart that matters. A box full of randomness? Who knows, you could get anything!

Y'all we're just waiting for it. Yes, this post was inspired by "Let it Go" from Frozen.

"Let it Go"
from Disney's Animation Frozen
Sang by Idina Menzel


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