Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stronger than you seem...

I know that you may think that Winnie the Pooh is really little kiddish, but I would argue that you're wrong. We can learn from everything around us even if if is a little kid show that we used to watch when we were about five years old. Anyways that isn't why I posted these two quotes. I posted these quotes because I think that they are very true for my life. And even though I really like the Hunger Games books I'm not a fanatic about them or anything I just liked the story. So if you were to ask me team Peta or team Gale I probably wouldn't give you an answer right away :) But do you ever have those moments where you come across a quote and it just strikes you as being true in your life? I get this all the time. These are just two of many that I have saved for later dates. But after a while in life it gets really hard to not fall apart after you have gone through a certain amount of hardship. But even after you've hit rock bottom there is always a secret ladder that will take you back to the top and that is God. This post is really different from the ones I've posted in the past, because most of those were funny ones, but I decided to branch off and do this instead. I'm not really sure which I like better :) but I  
promise I'll add more funny ones later :) but for know I hope that ya'll have a good night :) unless your in a different time zone then it might not be night :) anyways :) hope ya'll like it :)

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