Thursday, November 1, 2012

Home Decor Elvgren's Cowgirl Pinups

I just love the Cowgirl Pinups by Elvgren. Whenever I saw a poster of one of these when I was little I wanted to be that girl. She was so skinny, beautiful (although scandalous most of the time), and a cowgirl! I love being a cowgirl now, I won't ever be able to pull of the city girl thing especially if I keep carrying a pliers in my purse...true story. But anyway, that was off topic.

A Key Situation 1967

A Polished Performance 1964

Aiming to Please (I Shot Him in the
Excitement) 1946

Back in the Saddle (Close Pals)

Barrel of Fun 1966

Beat That 1953

Bronco Bested (Bronco Busted) 1965

Come and Get It! 1959

Coming Right Up 1956

Hi-Ho, Silver! 1969

On Her Toes! 1954

Perfect Form 1968

Rarin' To Go 1951 

Ready for Roundup 1963

Sitting Pretty (Lola) (Over a Barrel) 1955

Something New 1957

Tops in Service 1958

Wanted (Western Girl) 1961

So there you have all of the Elvgren's Cowgirl Pinups, other Pinups at Elvgren's Pinup Gallery.

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