Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Western Wear 101: Online Stores

This is what I'm gonna call Western Wear 101 where I just talk about a bunch of western styled clothes :) Who doesn't love clothes? Especially 'em cowboy boots!

My Top Online Stores
...of those that I continue to visit...

#1: Sheplers - Well, of course, we have Sheplers, also a non-online store in the South, mostly Texas and surrounding state area. Sheplers is my number one just ask anybody. I love Sheplers!

#2: Rods.com - These people are only online based out of Colorado but these people they got what you want...literally...everything...

#3: Montana Silversmiths - I don't care what "part of the this here United States you come from" (Jessie Duke line) they will always have the best belt buckles! Oh, and they obviously hail from Montana.

#4: Cavenders - I just found these guys recently and fell in with them, they aren't strictly country and western wear but they have the greatest selection of dresses that go with cowboy boots you will ever find, I swear. These guys are also southern, gotta love bein' Southern!

#5: Wrangler - Wrangler jeans is what they are most famous for and can't lie that is their strongest point...and well these guys are everywhere...

#6: RCC - This would be the store for you Midwest country folk! Their site isn't all that great but the stores, yes, gotta see it.

#7: PFI - These guys, hailing from Missouri, are pretty much all about boots, if your lookin' for a unique pair of boots these guys got 'em all...

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